[R] How to plot grouped replicates into a single panel using lattice (xyplot)?

Christoph Hösler hoesler at asoem.org
Thu Dec 4 16:23:16 CET 2008


I want to plot replicates of an experiment which are already grouped by a
different factor than the replicate number into a single panel using
the xyplot function from the lattice lib.


My data.frame consists of the following collumns:

	x, y, factor_for_y, replicate_no, setup_type

My plot function looks like this:

	xyplot(x ~ y | setup_type,
		data = ...,
		groups = factor_for_y)

Is there a way to additionally split up the replicates in each panel and
draw a seperate line for each one? They don't have to get grouped like
for factor_for_y, so that I can assign different visual parameter.

Thanks for help

Christoph Hösler
Animal Evolutionary Ecology
University of Tübingen
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