[R] Finding the first value without warning in a loop

Andreas Wittmann andreas_wittmann at gmx.de
Sun Dec 7 08:38:57 CET 2008

Dear R useRs,

with the following piece of code i try to find the first value which can 
be calculated without warnings

`test` <- function(a)
    ## hide warnings

    if (exists("last.warning", envir = .GlobalEnv))
      a <- a + 0.1
      ## clear existing warnings
      rm("last.warning", envir = .GlobalEnv)
  if(a > 5 || !exists("last.warning", envir = .GlobalEnv))


if i run this with test(-3), i would expect a=0 as return value.
Is it also possible to hide warnings during my function, i guess i use
suppressWarnings in a wrong way here?

Thanks and best regards


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