[R] How to get Greenhouse-Geisser epsilons from anova?

Skotara nils.skotara at uni-hamburg.de
Tue Dec 9 18:20:42 CET 2008

Dear John and Peter,

thank you both very much for your help!
Everything works fine now!

John, Anova also works very fine. Thank you very much!
However, if I had more than 2 levels for the between factor the same 
thing as mentioned occured.
The degrees of freedom showed that Anova calculated it as if all 
subjects came from the same group, for example for main effect A the dfs 
are 1 and 35.
Since I can get those values using anova that causes no problem.

I saw that the x$G to get the greenhouse-geisser epsilon do work for:
x<- anova(mlmfitD, X=~C+B, M=~A+C+B, test = "Spherical")
but does not work for y$G:
y <- anova(mlmfit, mlmfit0, X= ~C+B, M = ~A+C+B, idata = 

Finally, the Greenhouse-Geisser epsilons are identical using both 
methods and to the SPSS output.
The Huynh-Feldt are not the same as them of SPSS. I will use GG instead.

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