[R] 2-Y-axes on same plot

Joe Trubisz jtrubisz at mac.com
Wed Dec 10 15:35:57 CET 2008


Is this possible in R?

I have 2-sets of data, that were collected simultaneously using 2- 
different data acquisition schemes.
The x-values are the same for both.
The y-values have different ranges (16.4-37.5 using one method,  
557-634 using another).

In theory, if you plot both plots on top of each other, the graphs  
should overlap. The problem I'm having is trying to have to different  
sets of y-values appear in the same graph, but scaled in the same  
vertical space. I've seen this done in publications, but not sure if  
it can be done in R.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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