[R] Obtaining p-values for coefficients from LRM function (package Design) - plaintext

joris meys jorismeys at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 19:12:58 CET 2008

Sent this mail in rich text format before. Excuse me for this.

Dear all,

I'm using the lrm function from the package "Design", and I want to
extract the p-values from the results of that function. Given an lrm
object constructed as follows :

fit <- lrm(Y~(X1+X2+X3+X4+X5+X6+X7)^2, data=dataset)

I need the p-values for the coefficients printed by calling "fit".

fit$coef (gives a list of only the coefficients)
fit$pval, fit$p, fit$pvalue, fit$p.value,... : nothing works
str(fit) : no hints there
fit[1,4] : gives dimension errors

help files don't seem to give me a function that extracts them. Yet,
they are calculated and printed, based on the Wald statistics. So they
must be reachable.

Anybody knows how?

Thank you in advance
Kind regards

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