[R] Output mlogit package (multinomial logistic regression)‏

Tryntsje Wesselius wesseliust at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 20:39:24 CET 2008


For my master thesis I conducted a conjoint analysis. Using the
mlogit-package of Yves Croissant I should be able to analyse my choice
I read the whole program of mlogit, but I do not understand how my
coefficients must be interpreted.
Are they a result of P(Y=i) or are they P(Y=i)/P(Y=1) where 1 is my
base category, or are they a result of ln(P(Y=i)/P(Y=1)). I can not
find an answer to this in the package. Hence, are they logits, odds or
just a ratio? Can anyone help me with this?

Kind regards,


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