[R] Problems with graphical devices, e.g., png(), pdf(): blurry graphical output

Y-H Chen myaverageorange at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 08:11:03 CET 2008

On my current home system, I am getting undesirable output from
graphical devices such as png() and pdf(). The graphical output is
blurry. I haven't experienced the problem on other systems. As you
will see from the attached text file (more information on this file
below), the problem does not occur when type='Xlib' is forced. The
blurriness is more severe with bitmap output (yes, I am viewing the
bitmap files at 100%), but occurs with pdf output as well.

Software details: Fedora 10, with at least the following packages:

-- R, R-core, R-devel
-- cairo, cairo-devel
-- pixman, pixman-devel
-- libpng, libpng-devel
-- poppler

Everything is "current" and updated via Fedora's repository. R was
installed via Fedora's repository.

I've attached some commands and output in a text file. This file includes:

(1) hardware information
(2) information about my R installation
(3) code for simple R graphics, with comments re output, plus URLs for
the corresponding graphical output

Any advice would be really appreciated.
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