[R] .C and 'temporaries'

Thomas Mang thomas.mang at fiwi.at
Wed Dec 24 00:55:01 CET 2008


Before I get into troubles I ask here:

I make a call to a C function using .C. What I would like to know is if 
the arguments in the .C call can also be 'temporary' objects.

An example will illustrate this:

# here we don't have a temporary
Obj1 = 5
.C("Func", as.integer(Obj1 ), ...) # certainly works

# here we do have a temporary
Obj2 = 5
.C("Func", as.integer(Obj2 + 100), ...) # is this guaranteed to work?

Is the second call valid?
Is it also valid if DUP = FALSE, or only if DUP = TRUE ?


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