[R] Write a data frame to Oracle Data Base

usstata usstata at 126.com
Wed Dec 24 05:52:34 CET 2008

Hi guys:

When I use the ROracle package, I found the function 'dbWriteTable'
can't work.

The data frame can't be written to 10g Oracle Data Base. Here is what
happened to me.

>drv <- Oracle()
>con <- dbConnect(drv , 'uid','pw','db')
>mm <- data.frame(CO2)
> dbWriteTable(con,'eve_tmp',mm)
Error in function (classes, fdef, mtable) :
unable to find an inherited method for function "dbPrepareStatement",
for signature "OraConnection", "character", "list"

And I tried the RODBC package, 'write' function is OK.
Is it the Oracle version' problem? : (

Best regards

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