[R] command Polygenic gives error message concerning dimensions of data

Veerle Bogaert Veerle.Bogaert at ugent.be
Wed Dec 24 14:52:33 CET 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since a few day now I try to use the command "polygenic" from the GenAbel 
package. However, I keep bumping up against an error message: "Error in 
polygenic(Testo, kin = kinship, data = data1) : dimension of outcome and 
kinship.matrix do not match".

My data exists of 1240 individuals with 74 markers. It mainly consists of 
small families (2 or more brothers, father and mother; otherwise only the 
brothers are given). Genotypes are provided for the largest part of the 
members, whereas the phenotype is only given for the male individuals. I 
imported the data using the convert.snp.ped and load.gwaa.data commands. The 
kinship table was constructed with "makekinship". When I look at the 
dimensions of the kinship table, it is exactly the same as the number of 
individuals in my dataset.

I also provide you with the following information because maybe that gives a 
clue on where things are going wrong. When using the genetic control method 
via the qtscore command, I get the following message:" 
data1.qt<-qtscore(Testo~age+BMI,data1) Warning messages: 1: In qtscore(Testo 
~ age + BMI, data1) :  265 observations deleted due to missingness 2: In 
qtscore(Testo ~ age + BMI, data1) : Number of observations < 100, Lambda 
estimate is unreliable. Results for only a few SNPs are returned.

Can you tell me what I'm missing?

Thank you in advance,

Kindest Regards,

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