[R] How to set plot resolution

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Tue Dec 30 21:20:12 CET 2008

Prof Brian Ripley <ripley <at> stats.ox.ac.uk> writes:

> I think it should work on any reasonable machine, but it is worth pointing 
> out that there are 4 separate tiff() devices:
> Unix, X11
> Unix, cairo,
> Mac OS X, quartz,
> Windows, graphapp
> and once again we really did need the OS information asked for in the 
> posting guide.  As I recall Ben uses one of the first two, and the error 
> message looks like the fourth.

  Thanks, Prof. Ripley.  I had forgotten about
cross-platform issues (a luxury that comes from working with
the 99% of R that is truly cross-platform compatible -- you
seem to spend a lot of time working on the other 1% ...)
And yes, I am working with Unix/X11.

  Ben Bolker

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