[R] Execution of a .sce file through R

Hans W. Borchers hwborchers at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 14:24:47 CET 2008

ykank <spicyankit4u <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Dear R Users
> Does some has any idea about how to execute a scilab file(.sce file) from
> the Terminal in R.
> Any kind of guidance would be highly welcomed and appreciated.

    Have you looked into your Scilab directory? In mine -- under Windows XP and
Scilab version 5.0.3 -- there is no executable file 'scilab.exe'. The file to
call is 'Scilex.exe' (and 'WScilex.exe' for the GUI) which can also easily been
seen by following the path of the Scilab link in the Start menu.

The following call works for me:

    system("<path-to-scilab>/bin/Scilex -f <filename>.sce")

where I have to end the 'sce' file with a quit statement.

Hans Werner

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