[R] WinBUGS posterior samples (via R2WinBUGS)?

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Wed Dec 31 14:44:26 CET 2008

Dieter Menne <dieter.menne <at> menne-biomed.de> writes:

> Uwe Ligges <ligges <at> statistik.tu-dortmund.de> writes:
> > 3. I do prefer BRugs, the R package that is based on OpenBUGS, because 
> > it is closer to BUGS, more flexible, sometimes easier to debug, ....
> Which I strongly second, not only because of the author.
> Dieter

  On the other hand, it doesn't run under Linux (so far,
as far I know).  JAGS does
(and R2jags provides an almost identical interface as R2WinBUGS)
but is generally considerably slower than WinBUGS ...

  Ben Bolker

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