[R] Problem with package SNOW on MacOS X 10.5.5

Greg Riddick riddickgp at mail.nih.gov
Wed Dec 31 16:41:28 CET 2008

Hello All,

I can run the "lower level" functions OK, but many of the higher level
(eg. parSApply) functions are generating errors.

When running the example (from the snow help docs) for parApply on
MacOSX 10.5.5, I get the
following error:

cl <- makeSOCKcluster(c("localhost","localhost"))
sum(parApply(cl, matrix(1:100,10), 1, sum))

Error in do.call("fun", lapply(args, enquote)) :
  could not find function "fun"

Any ideas? Do I possibly need MPI or PVM to run the "Apply" functions?


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