[R] subject: horizontal text in barplot

dat naor at gmx.at
Mon Jun 2 15:00:48 CEST 2008

I have a problem with the ylabs in barplot. When I draw the bars 
horizontal the text for the y axis is not drawn horizontal too.
The text remains vertical. How can I change that. Thank's for your advice.
There is an example below.

jib <- data.frame(c(1:15),c(11:25),c(15:1),c(25:11))
colnames(jib) <- c("eins","zwei","drei","vier")
rownames(jib) <-  c("AT",    "BE",    "DK",    "FI",    "FR",    "DE",   
 "GR",    "IE",    "IT",    "LU",    "NL",    "PT",    "ES",    "SE", "UK" )
jib <- as.matrix(jib)
jib <- t(jib)
barplot(jib,  horiz=TRUE)
## End Example

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