[R] trellis device

hanx at purdue.edu hanx at purdue.edu
Mon Jun 2 21:11:22 CEST 2008

Hello all,

I used pushViewport to create a viewport with a 9*8 layout(using layout: 
lay<-grid.layout(9,8).) In each cell, I used lattice to draw plots. In the final
output, if I used the trellis.device(),i.e., the default device, the 9*8 plots I
intend to draw seem ok in terms of the letter size and everything in each cell.
But if i try to use trellis.device("postscript",file="./conditional.ps",
color=T) to save it, once i opened it in R using system(...), everything in each
cell is not in good shape any more. How can I save the plots as it is in the
default device? Thanks so much.


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