[R] unable to get plot in R

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jun 4 08:22:28 CEST 2008

On Tue, 3 Jun 2008, Duncan Murdoch wrote:

> On 03/06/2008 6:53 PM, Chin-Cheng Su wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I use R to plot my data set (x,y) in Windows XP, but keep getting error 
>> message like follows,
>>> ...
>>> plot(x, y)
>> Error in windows() : unable to start device devWindows
>> How can I solve this problem? Thanks for any suggestion or help.
> Somehow you appear to have set options("device") to "devWindows".  If you set 
> it to "windows" using options(device="windows"), things should be fine.

I don't think so.  windows() is a family of devices, and that is what they 
report if GADeviceDriver fails.  That would seem to mean that either 
allocation fails (unlikely) or GA_Open fails (which AFAICS only fails if 
newwindow does).

We don't have the 'at a minimum' details requested in the posting guide, 
and this might be something to do with the locale.  I'd suggest starting R 
in an English locale if that is not already the case (add LC_ALL=en to the 
target of the shortcut used to start R -- see the rw-FAQ).

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