[R] Y values below the X plot

jpardila bluejp at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 15:50:54 CEST 2008

Dear List,
I am creating a plot and I want to insert the tabular data below the X axis.
I mean for every value of X I want to show the value in Y as a table below
the plot. I think the attached image gives an idea of what I mean by this. 

Below is the code i am using now... but as you see the Y values don't have
the right location. Maybe I should insert them as a table? Any ideas on
that. This should be easy to do but I don't have much experience in R. 
Many thanks in advanced,

http://www.nabble.com/file/p17670311/legend.jpg legend.jpg 
plot(img1~angle, type="o", xlab="Incident angle", ylab="sigma",
ylim=c(-8,-2),lwd=2,col=8, pch=19,cex=1,axes="false")
lines(img2~angle,lwd=2,type="o", col=1, pch=19,cex=1)
legend(38,-2,format(img1,digits=2), cex=0.8)
legend(26, -2, c("Image 1","Image 2"), cex=0.8,lwd=2,col=c("8","1"), pch=19,
abline(h = -1:-8, v = 25:45, col = "lightgray", lty=3)

axis(1, at=2*0:22)
axis(2, at=-8:-2)
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