[R] (baseline) logistic regression + gof functions?

Wim Bertels wim.bertels at khleuven.be
Fri Jun 6 11:25:22 CEST 2008

Thanks for the quick reply David,
so far this sums up to:

# logistic on binary data
  lrm combined with resid(model,'gof')

# logistic on raw binary data
  glm with gof using anova.glm 
(i think that anova.glm only makes sence on grouped binary data, not on the raw binary data..)
(so what is the gof for raw binary data and glm?)

# baseline logit on raw multicategory data
  multinom with no gof-test
(the only reference i found was *by GOEMAN* Jelle J. ; LE CESSIE Saskia
eg https://openaccess.leidenuniv.nl/bitst*r*eam/1887/4324/22/04.pdf 
but there is no R implementation?)

(# also, what if the data are not binary and more than one predictor in the model?)

# what if the grouped data are very unbalanced and might have a lot of empty cell counts?

Hints? Suggestions? Other functions that might help?

by grouped data i mean (example for binomial):
    Var1 (with 3 levels)
    L1   L2   L3
T    1    1    2  
F    0    2    0  

by raw data i mean:
Bin   Var1
T      L1
T      L2
T      L3
T      L3
F      L2
F      L2


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