[R] Java to R interface

Dumblauskas, Jerry jerry.dumblauskas at credit-suisse.com
Mon Jun 9 20:05:40 CEST 2008

So the system path is set.
In your props you set the jar (otherwise you will not compile)

But, in your class you run with did you pass as a system call the path
to jri?

In my system I pass it in as such


If I remove that I get your error....

(in eclispe this is in the arguments tab in the vm section)


The path to R/bin is in the Windows PATH variable.  Yet I get this

On Jun 6, 10:37 am, "Dumblauskas, Jerry" <jerry.dumblaus... at credit-
suisse.com> wrote:
> Try and make sure that R is in your windows Path variable
> I got your message when I first did this, but when I did the about it
> then worked...

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