[R] fitting periodic 'sine wave' model

Jon Loehrke jloehrke at umassd.edu
Tue Jun 10 16:25:12 CEST 2008

I have been attempting to estimate the periodic contribution of an  
effect to some data but have not been able to fit a sine wave within R.
It would be nice to start by being able to fit a sine wave with an  
amplitude and frequency.

y<-2*sin(2*pi*.5*x) #amplitude =2, frequency=0.5

# This failed to converge
r<-nls(y ~ A*sin(2*pi*F*x), start=list(A = 1, F = 1), trace=T)

# even this gave a max iteration error
r<-nls(y ~ A*sin(2*pi*F*x), start=list(A = 1, F = .5), trace=T)

I have a feeling I am approaching this incorrectly.  Thank you all  
very much for the guidance.

R 2.7.0
mac os 10.5

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