[R] Problem with Freq function {prettyR}

Udo ukoenig at med.uni-marburg.de
Thu Jun 12 17:58:24 CEST 2008

Dear list,
I have a problem with freq from prettyR.

Please have a look at my syntax with a litte example:


#Version 1
test.df<-data.frame(q1=sample(1:4,8,TRUE), gender=sample(c("f","m"),8,TRUE))
freq(test.df) #No error message

#Version 2
test.df<-data.frame(gender=sample(c("f","m"),8,TRUE), q1=sample(1:4,8,TRUE))

Error message: "Error in vector("integer", length) : Vector size can´t be NA"

Can someone tell me, why an error message occurs in version two? I am

Thanks in advance!

Udo K ö n i g


Clinic for Child an Adolescent Psychiatry
Philipps University of Marburg / Germany

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