[R] Writing a new link for a GLM.

Jan Graffelman jan.graffelman at upc.edu
Fri Jun 13 11:54:30 CEST 2008


I wish to write a new link function for a GLM. R's glm routine does
not supply the "loglog" link. I modified the make.link function adding
the code:

     }, loglog = {
         linkfun <- function(mu) -log(-log(mu))
         linkinv <- function(eta) exp(-exp(-eta))
         mu.eta <- function(eta) exp(-exp(-eta)-eta)
         valideta <- function(eta) all(eta != 0)
     }, stop(sQuote(link), " link not recognised"))
     structure(list(linkfun = linkfun, linkinv = linkinv, mu.eta = mu.eta,
         valideta = valideta, name = link), class = "link-glm")

and then call glm with argument


and that seems to work.

Is this the way to include a new link function? Any other suggestions?


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