[R] sizing non-vector point shapes in ggplot2

mfrumin michael at frumin.net
Mon Jun 16 14:52:16 CEST 2008

Dear all,

With normal plotting, one can size a set of points in a plot using a vector
argument to cex in the points() function.  This works whether you are using
one of the standard R symbols (i.e. 19+) or some ascii symbol, such as '/'

plot(1:10, 1:10, type='n');
points(1:10, 1:10, cex = 1:10, pch = '/')

Trying to make the transition to ggplot2, I find that the aesthetic size
mapping does not apply if i do geom_point(..., shape='/') -- the points show
up looking like '/' but they are not sized.  Is there anything to do about

ggplot(data = data.frame(x = 1:10, y = 1:10, size = 1:10), aes(x = x, y =
y)) + geom_point(mapping = aes(size = size), shape = '/')

the plot that I'm making really needs a vertically oriented mark, not a
round-ish point/square/triangle that takes up a lot of area. am I totally
out of luck?  

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