[R] lpSolve replacement to solve transportation problem

stefan.petersson at inizio.se stefan.petersson at inizio.se
Tue Jun 17 13:25:19 CEST 2008


I'm currently using 'lp.transport' from 'lpSolve' to solve a transportation problem. However, I've experienced some performence issues, and have been told that other solvers may perform better. I've looked briefly at 'Rsymphony' and 'rglpk', but I can't seem to figure out how/if they solve transportation problems...

So, is there an 'Rsymphony' and/or 'rglpk' equivalent to:

 x <- matrix(c(.91,.32,.86,.14,.59,.36,.67,.34,.87,.56,.10,.09),ncol=3,byrow=T)
 lp.transport(x, "min" , rep("==",4) , rep(1,4) , rep(">=",3) , rep(1,3) )$solution

...and, if so, does in generally outperform 'lp.transport'? And if not, are there any other R packages that solve transportation problems more efficient than 'lpSolve'?

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