[R] Calling functions

Toby Marthews Toby.Marthews at lsce.ipsl.fr
Tue Jun 17 13:44:42 CEST 2008


Can't you just do source("Xtabs.R")? That will load in the definition.

Alternatively, instead of saving the R program, save the workspace on your
network (e.g. Xtabs.RData), which will contain the function definition,
and arrange a link so that R always starts with that workspace loaded?

Toby Marthews

Le Mar 17 juin 2008 13:32, Michael Pearmain a écrit :
> Another newbie question.
> I've written a function and saved the file as Xtabs.R, in a central place
> on
> a network so others will be able ot use the function,
> My question is how do i call this function?
> I've tried to chance the working directory, and tried to load it via;
>> library(Xtabs, lib.loc="//filer/common/technical/surveys/R_test")
> but neither seem to work? the function inside is called CrossTable.
> Mant thanks in advance

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