[R] PCA analysis

Daniel Malter daniel at umd.edu
Wed Jun 18 01:40:41 CEST 2008

I am not entirely sure after reading your email, but I thought you wanted to
do something like this:

###Start of example

###create random data for the example
x=rnorm(100,100,10)  ##create Xs
e=rnorm(100,0,5)     ##create Errors
y=x+e                ##create Ys

plot(y~x,pch=NA)     ##plot Ys against Xs but suppress all symbols (i.e.
plot invisibly)
text(y~x,labels=round(x),pch=NULL) ##use values of X (rounded to its integer
value) as symbols for the X-Y plot 

###End of example

So you could just substitute your variable names for x and y in the plot()
and text() commands. Let us know whether your problem is solved.


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I have a problem with making PCA plots that are readable. 
I would like to set different sympols instead of the numbers of my samples
or their names, that I get plotted (xlabs). 
How is this possible? With points, i don4t seem to get the right data
plotted onto the PCA plot, as I do not quite understand from where it is
taken. I dont know how to plot the correct columns of the prcomp outcome
I would really appreciate if someone could help me, I have struggled with
this for days now. How can I make a function that gives different symbols
for the points, depending on how big the number given to it as xlabs is?
Making the plots.
read.table(file = "S:\\SEDIM\\TRFLP\\B90-700.txt",sep="\t",
header=T)->boutbout <-bout[-1]p <- prcomp(bout) biplot(p, choices = c(2,3),
scale = 1, pc.biplot = FALSE, var.axes = F, ylabs = NULL,
50","359","507","192","453","101","456","512","517"), cex=0.67,
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