[R] paste data

Sybille Wendel Sibilino at gmx.de
Wed Jun 18 10:36:25 CEST 2008


I need a command.
I have a lot of data in different dataframes(auto.0a, auto.0b, auto.0c, auto.5Na,...), that has similar names.

I could print the names all at once wih a loop with the command paste(), see below:


for (x in 1:length(plot))

I want to do very similar things with all the dataframes and their structure is also the same.
Is there a way to write a loop? (so that I don't have to write the same 18 times)
I tried things like that:

for (x in 1:length(plot))

But it doesn't work because it just takes the character "auto.0a".

Thanks a lot for your help,
Sybille Wendel


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