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dong kim gimdongho_kr at yahoo.co.kr
Wed Jun 18 18:05:08 CEST 2008

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Hello,=0A=0AIt doesn't seem to work for me when I was trying to unsubscribe=
 R-help mailing list (I did not get confirmation email). =0ACould you pleas=
e unsubscribe me from the mail list subscription.=0A=0AThanks,=0A=0A=0A=0A =
     ________________________________________________________ =0A180=B5=B5 =
=B4=DE=B6=F3=C1=F8 =BE=DF=C8=C4! =B8=DE=C0=CF - =BE=CB=BE=C6=BC=AD =C3=B4=
=C3=B4! =BB=F5=B7=CE=BF=EE =BE=DF=C8=C4! =B8=DE=C0=CF=C0=BA 10=BA=D0=BF=A1 =
=C7=D1=B9=F8 =BD=BA=BD=BA=B7=CE =BB=F5 =B8=DE=BD=C3=C1=F6=B8=A6 =B9=DE=BE=

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