[R] Editor for Mac OSX

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Wed Jun 18 19:54:33 CEST 2008

On 18.06.2008, at 18:09, Graham Smith wrote:

> Have a look at TextMate  http://macromates.com/

There are three extensions (bundles) available dealing with R for  
TextMate [up to now in the Review repository]:
[in very short terms]
1) R
- writing R scripts and executing it (plots are inside as pdfs  
- one can execute more than one R script
- fast syntax highlighting, snippets (macros) for fast writing etc.
- command completion
- GUI for inserting function parameters
- displaying the command signature
- tidy function
- drag'n'drop facilities (drag a csv to the window it inserts read.csv 

2) R Console (R.app)
- to remote R.app via AppleScript but with all goodies of TextMate

3) R Console (Rdaemon) - an ESS-like extension
- R runs hidden inside of TextMate
- it combines a text editor and the R console in a sophisticated way
- easy to expandably
- many GUI-like elements (Graphics/Package Manager ...)
- only written in scripting languages
- crash safer - if R/TextMate/Mac crashes one has at least the entire  
last session as text file to reconstruct

and many many many more

If you want to know more let it me know.


> 2008/6/18 Sebastian Leuzinger <sebastian.leuzinger at unibas.ch>:
>> Dear R-list
>> I am (forced) to change from Linux to Mac and am now looking for a  
>> new
>> editor for R. I would like one that features a split window  
>> (console +
>> editor) as well as syntax highlighting. Can anyone help?  
>> Especially the
>> split-window feature does not seem to be easily available in the  
>> editors
>> desribed on the R-help site, except Emacs, which I am reluctant to  
>> start
>> using.

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