[R] highest eigenvalues of a matrix

Gabor Csardi csardi at rmki.kfki.hu
Thu Jun 19 16:21:41 CEST 2008


the igraph ARPACK interface is quite experimental, and igraph includes
only the ARPACK files (converted to C) that it needs to calculate 
some graph measures on sparse graphs. Btw. the development version 
of igraph is a bit better in this respect, I can send you a link to 
the development version if you think that can help...

Btw. what options would you need? (Sorry, it might have been 
in your previous mails that i haven't read....)


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 03:12:50PM +0100, baptiste Auguié wrote:
> Dear all,
> Thank you for the suggestions and pointers. It looks like I'll need to do 
> some interface with Fortran/C code. The igraph package seems to provide 
> an interface with ARPACK, albeit not with the options I need, so it could 
> be a good starting point.
> Best regards,
> baptiste

Csardi Gabor <csardi at rmki.kfki.hu>    UNIL DGM

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