[R] [R-pkgs] playwith 0.8-55

Felix Andrews felix at nfrac.org
Thu Jun 19 13:15:17 CEST 2008

playwith package version 0.8-55 is now on CRAN.
It provides a GTK+ interface for interacting with R plots.

Screenshots of some examples are online at:

Changes in Version 0.8-55

  o argument `parameters`: automatically constructs
    widgets to control parameter values appearing in the call.

  o default action when dragging on the plot is zoom.
    default action on right-click is zoomout.

  o whether to start in time.mode is determined by looking at
    the data: TRUE if the x data has a 'ts' or 'zoo' class.

  o restrict zooming to x axis in time.mode
    only if a time.vector was not specified.

  o concept of the "main function" which accepts typical plot
    arguments (xlim, ylim, main, etc) -- not necessarily the
    top-level call. By default, a depth-first search is used
    to find a function that accepts `xlim` or `...`.

  o callArg() now uses standard evaluation by default, rather than
    quoting its argument. Old code will need to be changed!

  o use RGtk2 rather than gWidgets for edit.call and edit.annotations
    because gWidgets is very slow.

  o reasonable guess for data points and labels with ggplot::qplot()

  o enabled pretty ggplot2 plots (print.ggplot with pretty=TRUE)
    if using grid package version >= 2.7
    (older versions had a problem with viewports being popped).

  o code reorganisation: split tools into separate files; ESS style.

The predecessor to this package, plotAndPlayGTK, has been moved to the
CRAN archive.

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