[R] handling the output of strsplit

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Sat Jun 21 00:14:31 CEST 2008


Simple question, but I did not figure out how to find the answer on my  
own (wrong choice of keywords on my part).

I have a character variable for time of day that has entries looking  
like "6h30", "7h40", "12h25", "23h", etc. For the sake of this  
message, say

h = c("3h30",      "6h30",      "9h40",      "11h25",     "14h00",      
"15h55",  "23h")

I could not figure out how to use chron to import this into times, so  
I tried to extract the hours and minutes on my own.

I used strsplit and got a list:

h2 = strsplit(h, "h")
 > h2
[1] "3"  "30"

[1] "6"  "30"

[1] "9"  "40"

[1] "11" "25"

[1] "14" "00"

[1] "15" "55"

[1] "23"

It is where I am stuck. I would have like to extract a vector of  
"hours" from this list, and a vector of "minutes", to reconstruct a  
time of day.

But the only command I know, unlist, makes a long vector of h, min, h,  
min, h, min.

For this in particular, but lists in general, how can one extract the  
first item of each element in the list, then the second item of each  
element, etc.?

Thanks in advance,


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