[R] Handle missing values

Francisco Pastor paco at ceam.es
Mon Jun 23 11:35:10 CEST 2008

Hi everyone

I am new to R and have a question about missing values. I am trying to 
do a cluster analysis of monthly temperatures and my data are 14 columns 
with spatial coordinates (lat,lon) and 12 monthly values:

/lat  -  lon  -  temp1  -  //temp2  -  temp3 - ....   -  //temp12/

If I omit missing values (my missing values are 99.00) with

/mydata <- na.omit(mydata)/

every row with a missing value (i.e. eleven good temperature values and 
one month missing) is deleted. I would like to retain all valid values 
for the k-means analysis but excluding.

I've been trying and searching about na.omit, na.action, na.exclude but 
can't find the right point.

Any help would be appreciated.

Francisco Pastor
Meteorology department
Fundación CEAM
paco at ceam.es
http://www.ceam.es/ceamet - http://www.ceam.es
Parque Tecnologico, C/ Charles R. Darwin, 14
46980 PATERNA (Valencia), Spain
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