[R] Handle missing values

Francisco Pastor paco at ceam.es
Mon Jun 23 12:48:22 CEST 2008

Hi Ted

I think I understand what you say. Maybe I should reformat my data and 
then divide my single annual file in twelve monthly files. But maybe 
then I miss the possibility of making an anual analysis but retain more 
valid data, I have to think about it.

Hope any expert in clustering can help

Thanks Ted

Francisco Pastor escribió:
> Hi everyone
> I am new to R and have a question about missing values. I am trying to 
> do a cluster analysis of monthly temperatures and my data are 14 
> columns with spatial coordinates (lat,lon) and 12 monthly values:
> /lat  -  lon  -  temp1  -  //temp2  -  temp3 - ....   -  //temp12/
> If I omit missing values (my missing values are 99.00) with
> /mydata <- na.omit(mydata)/
> every row with a missing value (i.e. eleven good temperature values 
> and one month missing) is deleted. I would like to retain all valid 
> values for the k-means analysis but excluding.
> I've been trying and searching about na.omit, na.action, na.exclude 
> but can't find the right point.
> Any help would be appreciated.

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