[R] Documentation about htest?

Matthieu Stigler Matthieu.Stigler at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 13:27:29 CEST 2008


I saw in many packages and functions a class "htest". I wanted to study 
it and maybe use for a package instead of writing new classes, but did 
not find any documentation about this class in the official manuals. Are 
there some information available about it? How can I see how to use it?

As a second question, I also implemented some tests with bootstraped 
distribution. Is the htest class useful for it? Or should I use rather 
the class "boot" from package boot, or another one? What I would need is 
to store more informations, especially the bootstraped values, in order 
for example to show the empirical distribution with plot(), or give the 
critical values at differrent levels.

Thank you!


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