[R] sparse matrix and block of R

alessia matano alexis.rtd at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 13:55:05 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I am writing you for two problems I can not solve with R. I used both
the 2.6.1 version and the 2.7.0 version.
I run a sintax written by a collegue of mine, where there are involved
both sparse matrix and quantile estimations. My data begins with
10008*14 observations and at maximum they reach 10008*834

My questions are the following:
first, when I give the command

and in matrix X there are some elements that repeat in some rows (i.e
in row 1 there is value 3, in row 2 there is again value 3 in the same
position), he gives me the following error:

Error in if (nnz == 0) { : valore mancante dove è richiesto TRUE/FALSE

(That means : missing value when it is required true/false).
When I take off that column with same value that repeats it works well
and creates the sparse matrix. Can you help me to correct this
problem? Is there a bug in the sparse matrix command?

My second problem is the following: after solving this problem I then
run a sintax where you run quantile regression repeatedly changing the
taus (the quantile estimated). Hence, when I run this program it stops
completely sending a microsoft message saying "An error has occurred,
the application will be closed" and there is no way to continue to run
the program. I thought the problem was the dimension of data, but
people told me they are not so huge. Can you help to understand this
problem? I tried also on other PC's and gives me the same problem. If
the problem is the memory, is there any way to increase it?
many thanks

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