[R] Connecting lines across missing data points, xyplot

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Fri Jun 27 14:14:57 CEST 2008

David Afshartous <dafshartous at med.miami.edu> wrote:

> >  All,
> >
> >  I have data across 5 time points that I am graphing via xyplot, along with
> >  error bars.  For one of the variables I have missing data for two of the
> >  time points.  The code below is okay but I can't seem to get the lines to
> >  connect across the missing time points.  Does anyone now how to rectify
> >  this?
Hi David,
If you just have one or a few plots to do, I would suggest manually
inserting the lines with "segments" or "lines", and changing the line
type so that it is obvious that these line represent something different
from the initial ones.


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