[R] Small xlsReadWritePro update

Hans-Peter gchappi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 09:37:30 CEST 2008

A small update for xlsReadWritePro is available.
(This is the shareware version of the free xlsReadWrite package, still
windows only)

= Changes in version 1.4.0 =

 * Added 'default.' prefix for colClasses argument
        (proposed by John Hathaway)
 * Images - which have been added manually - can be listed and deleted.
        (proposed by Ian Seow)
 * Bugfixes:
 ** xls.image didn't work with files (only xls-obj)
 ** xls.range do.
 ** in some (not widely published) versions images deletion gave an
error under certain circumstances

= Downloads =

 * For current R (2.7.1):
 * Older R-versions (remove the prefix; version above works but
displays warning):
 ** http://treetron.googlepages.com/__R2.6.2__xlsReadWritePro_1.4.0.zip
 * Testcript: http://treetron.googlepages.com/xlsReadWritePro_TestData_1.4.0.zip
 * Brochure: http://treetron.googlepages.com/xlsReadWrite_Pro_Datasheet.pdf

Best regards,

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