[R] Using ODBC/RODBC with DBI

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Mon Jun 30 15:23:00 CEST 2008

On 30 June 2008 at 08:57, Magnus Torfason wrote:
| Hi all, I would like the following code to work, but it doesn't:
| library(DBI)
| library(RODBC)
| m <- dbDriver("RODBC") # Example for dbConnect(DBI), causes error
| m <- dbDriver("ODBC")  # Example for DBIDriver-class(DBI), causes error
| The errors are:
| Error in do.call(as.character(drvName), list(...)) :
|   could not find function "RODBC"
| (substitute "ODBC" for "RODBC" to get the second error)
| I've successfully used RODBC without using the DBI interface, and I've
| successfully used the DBI interface with SQLite.
| Am I doing something wrong here or is DBI simply not implemented for ODBC?

Yes and yes ;-)   If you use DBI, you need to use one of the supported backends. 

As of right now, those are MySQL, SQLite, Oracle. I am mentoring a student in
the 'Google Summer of Code' project going right who is adding PostgreSQL to
the list; this is progressing well.

Nobody has 'connected' DBI and ODBC.   

By the way, there is a mailing list r-sig-db for database discussions related 
to R.


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