[R] Help needed with Waterfall plot

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Sat Nov 1 11:41:41 CET 2008

Thomas Petzoldt wrote:
> Philip Twumasi-Ankrah schrieb:
>> Hi friends,
>> I need suggestions/directions on how to producing a waterfall plot 
>> for present extend of change in tumour size for a set of respondents 
>> in a study.  Example of use of waterfall plot is in the following 
>> slides presented at ASCO 2007 by Axel Grothey. Link is
>> http://media.asco.org/player/default.aspx?LectureID=AG265&conferenceFolder=GI2007&SessionFolder=Poster&slideonly=yes&TrackID=N929&LectureTitle=Waterfall%20plots%20provide%20detailed%20information%20on%20magnitude%20of%20response%20to%20conventional%20chemotherapy%20in%20colorectal%20cancer%3a%20Lessons%20learned%20from%20N9741.&Key=vm_45_3_26_265&SpeakerName=%3b%20Presenter%3a%20Axel%20Grothey%2c%20MD&mediaURL=%2fmedia&ServerName=media.asco.org&max=12&ext=jpg&useASX=false&playtype=&playtype=&playtype=, 
>> The link is pretty long but it takes you right to the presentation.
> Hi Phillip,
> is this a "waterfall plot":
> ## a few data
> x <- 0:99
> y <- sort(rnorm(100), decreasing=TRUE)
> # the plot
> plot(y, type="n")
> polygon(c(min(x), x, max(x), 0), c(0, y, 0, 0), col="green")
Hi Thomas (and Philip again),
Very nice - Ijust read your email and tested it with a non-monotonic y 
and it works. I guess there isn't any point in writing a "waterfall 
plot" function after all.


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