[R] Hidden line algorithms and a different kind of waterfall

Carl Witthoft carl at witthoft.com
Sun Nov 2 00:11:43 CET 2008

This is not the same as the recent thread on a waterfall graph.

I'm thinking about the rolling FFT display used in acoustics and other 
spectrum analysis tasks.

Here's an example of a very fancy 3-D waterfall display:


I was just wondering if there are any simple hidden-line tools in R that 
I could use to draw simple waterfall displays.  Basically, I'd like to 
plot a time-series of FFTs (or equivalent) and use hidden-line tools to 
produce a clean-looking graph.

I know I could hack it using polygon() , where I'd plot c({the FFT}, 
{line on bottom of graph}) starting at the top of the graph and working 
down, but wondered if there were any other tools.


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