[R] [newbie] scatterplot with marginal histograms (done) and axes labels

KarstenW K.Weinert at gmx.net
Fri Nov 7 15:24:19 CET 2008


I am stuck when I want to add axes labels to my scatterplot with histograms.
I guess it must be something  with par(mar=) or so, but could someone give
me a hint?

Here is what I got so far:

# adapted from
http://www.stat.ucl.ac.be/ISdidactique/comment/fichiers/r/scatterhist.rs and
from ?layout
# see also: 
#     - http://biom1.univ-lyon1.fr/ADE-4/ade4-html/s.hist.html (a function
called s.hist in package ade4)
#     - http://www.statmethods.net/graphs/scatterplot.html (shows how to do
some nice scatterplots, 
#       e.g. with the function scatterplot in package car)

scatterhist=function(x,y, xlab="", ylab=""){
 #oldpar = par(no.readonly = TRUE) # save default, for resetting...
 xhist <- hist(x, plot=FALSE)
 yhist <- hist(y, plot=FALSE)
 top <- max(c(xhist$counts, yhist$counts))
 plot(x,y, xlab=xlab, ylab=ylab)
 barplot(xhist$counts, axes=FALSE, ylim=c(0, top), space=0)
 barplot(yhist$counts, axes=FALSE, xlim=c(0, top), space=0, horiz=TRUE)
 #par(oldpar) # reset to default

Now if I do
> x=rnorm(50)
> y=rnorm(50)
> scatterhist(x,y,xlab="x", ylab="y")

there are no axes labels.....
I also wonder why R complains if I uncomment the first and last line in the
function ("invalid value
for parameter fig specified").

Any hint appreciated,
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