[R] ubuntu system refuses to update packages

Leon Yee yee.leon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 15:07:48 CET 2008

Vincent Goulet wrote:
>> It seems that R2.8.0 for gutsy is built on a system with tcl8.5 and 
>> tk8.5, which is not available in gutsy?
>  From the CRAN Ubuntu README:
>  >>>
> Installation and compilation of R or some its packages may require 
> Ubuntu packages from the "backports" repositories. In particular, this 
> is the case for Tcl/Tk 8.5 on Gutsy and Hardy. Therefore, it is 
> suggested to activate the backports repositories with an entry like
> deb http://<my.favorite.ubuntu.mirror>/ hardy-backports main restricted 
> universe
> in your /etc/apt/sources.list file. See 
> http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors for the list of Ubuntu 
> mirrors.
> <<<

Hi, Vincent

    Thanks for pointing out this. I have now solved the problem  and 
updated to R 2.8.0.


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