[R] ellipse in pairs plot

Kaveh Vakili kaveh.vakili at ulb.ac.be
Fri Nov 14 02:01:00 CET 2008

Hi dear list,

I'm scrambling with this:

i have a p-dimensional data frame for which i want to have a pairs() plot, with ellipse added in each lower.panel.

I want the ellipse's parameter (mu, sigma) to be extracted from the appropriate entries in a pre-computed matrix ("dab" in the code below).

Can it be done ?

Thanks in advance, 

melly<-function (x, y, col = par("col"), bg = NA, pch = par("pch"),cex = 1){
    points(x, y, pch = pch, col = col, bg = bg, cex = cex)
    ok <- is.finite(x) & is.finite(y)
    if (any(ok)) 


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