[R] Epicalc package

Luciano La Sala luciano_la_sala at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 14:12:15 CET 2008

Dear R-friends,
I am using the epicalc package and the manual by V. Chongsuvivatwong "Analysis of epidemiological
data using R and Epicalc" to get the hang of some basic epidemiological analyses.    
After running all the analyses of chapter 7, one is supposed to wrap it up by saving the data writing:  
> save(.data, file = "Chapter7.Rdata")
... after writing the command and pressing Enter, the program just asks for more input by printing out its prompt "<".  
Q: what am I supposed to do next? Where would the data be saved and in what format? Can one retrieve it later?   
... then chapter 8 starts by loading the data saved from the preceding chapter, writing: 
> zap()
> load("Chapter7.Rdata")
... but, as I told you above, I am not being able to even save the data from chapter 7 correctly, so I guess there’s nothing to load afterwards really, and I can’t go on with the rest.  
Any tips will be very welcome! 

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