[R] Revised source to my own package; how to update?

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Sat Nov 15 02:37:07 CET 2008

I have written some functions that I have now collected into a package. Of course, there are revisions and additions. 

I started by creating a skeleton with package.skeleton. I read and deleted the read and delete me file. I edited the DESCRIPTION file appropriately. I can use the package once I run R CMD INSTALL ... But once I want to revise the package, I get lost.

Since I have customized the skeleton, I certainly do not want to use package.skeleton again. But how do new functions get into the package? How do their man page skeletons get created? Am I supposed to start working on the source files in the "R" directory that was created by the package.skeleton command? I'm lost.

I do have the "Writing R Extensions" document, but I cannot find the section that addresses my beginner questions. If I missed something in this (or some other) document that answers these questions, please just point me in that direction.

I have to do this on Windows if that makes any difference.

Many Thanks,

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