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David Winsemius dwinsemius at comcast.net
Sun Nov 16 06:48:19 CET 2008

There are three sci.stat.* newsgroups on the original USENET hierarchy  
and at least one GoogleGroups location with activity. The Medstats  
group has reputable people contributing. If you post a difficult  
problem in integration or numerical analysis to sci.math or  
sci.math.num-analysis you may get very credible responses.

One doc's opinion: The sci.stat.math groups has people of variable  
quality (as with any open Internet forum). Some such as Marc Schwartz  
and Frank Harrell who also post here, are extremely good, but some of  
the other regular contributors may not be as sophisticated. Caveat  
emptor. You can see all of these groups through a variety of news  
clients. USENET groups are canonically read with newsreaders but are  
also accessible through Google's interface. The Medstats group can  
only be seen with Google's interface.

David Winsemius, MD
(not speaking in any way for my employer.)

On Nov 15, 2008, at 12:19 PM, ANJAN PURKAYASTHA wrote:

> Hi,
> Given that the R forum is mostly a site to discuss issues related to  
> the
> language, are there any forums that discuss statistical issues? I am
> specifically interested in the statistical issues in experimental  
> design.
> TIA,
> Anjan
> -- 
> =============================
> anjan purkayastha, phd
> bioinformatics analyst
> whitehead institute for biomedical research
> nine cambridge center
> cambridge, ma 02142

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