[R] Problem with boot.sem

Sergio sestay at bio.puc.cl
Tue Nov 18 02:36:44 CET 2008

Hi everybody,

Since I upgrade R to the version 2.7.1 the function boot.sem in the
package sem doesn't work. When I run the function and then call the
summary for the result I obtain:

> summary(BM2w)
Error in lower[i] <- ci[low] : nothing to replace with

I try to solve the problem searching in the code of the function, but I
can't find the function summary for boot.sem. I surfed in the web in the
searchable mail archives in the R web site but no references appears. 

This problem is common in five computers in my lab where R was upgraded,
my home computer and in others labs here.

If you have some advices to solve this problems I would be very

Thanks in advance.

Sergio A. Estay
Departamento de Ecología
Universidad Catolica de Chile

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