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Heidemeier Dr, Joachim joachim.heidemeier at uba.de
Tue Nov 18 11:06:26 CET 2008

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Hello R-folks,

I don't get the color of the legend in a lattice-plot right. I select a palette from RColorBrewer and use it in the barchart plot.

The resulting graph shows the new palette in the graph, but in the legend rectangles the standard palette is used. Adding a col argument into auto.key uses the new palette

with the legend text, but not in the rectangle fill.

What am I missing?



---------code ---------



# palette auswählen

mypalette <- brewer.pal(7,"Accent")

pathBarchartFGE <- function(selector,data,dimension = 2,title = NULL,p = mypalette) {

# umwandeln für lattice Grafiken

dfvar <- as.data.frame.table(data)

names(dfvar) <- c("Zeitraum","FGG","Pfad","Fracht")

dfsel <- subset(dfvar,dfvar$FGG %in% selector)

barchart(Zeitraum ~ Fracht | FGG, layout = c(1,3), groups = Pfad, stack = TRUE , col = p,

data = dfsel, xlab = "Einträge (t/a)",auto.key = list(title = "Pfade",columns = 2,space = "bottom"),main = title)



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